Robert Trosten on the Greatest Business Challenges Today and Their Solutions
Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten on the Greatest Business Challenges Today and Their Solutions

All businesses face challenges from initiation to growth, and most of these problems solutions are big and unique to each of the companies. It is the middle of 2020 and no matter which sector you serve, ups and down in your business is obvious, especially when the global economy is down. This year faced many challenges from the corona crisis to job loss and economic slump. Then, we need to prepare for the challenges and overcome the hurdles.

According to an article published on, raising finance is one of the greatest challenges of small business, but that does not mean bigger firms will not face any financial crunch. Here are some of the biggest businesses challenges and their solutions:

Robert Trosten recommends staying innovative

These days many businesses are worried about shouldering risks during the existing solutions economic environment. Then, innovation is essential for the growth of your company. You can adopt changes like leveraging big data, building a supple environment, and motivating the exercising of idea management. These are some of the best ways to embrace business innovation, though taking small, measured steps initially.

Though this could be a big hurdle to overcome in the middle of the year, many companies are embracing innovation to beat the competition and survive amid the global recession. That is why Robert Trosten asks you to stay innovative so that your business does not lag in this age of stiff competition.

Global, remote workforce

More businesses are now keen on hiring a global and remote workforce in different places around the world. Based on the findings of Upwork, approx 75 percent of teams all over the globe. Will work remotely in the coming decade, implying significant cultural changes. The key benefits of a remote workforce include salary savings for companies, more employees. To work from the comfort of their homes, more employee happiness and satisfaction, and more productivity.

Then, remote working comes with its challenges too like challenges in inspiring solutions teamwork. And monitoring whether employees are working or just online. There are modern technologies to deal with these problems. Then, some employees need to be present at the office, which depends on the nature of the job or responsibility.

Robert Trosten on job automation

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

It’s foreseen that near the beginning of this year, automation would affect a small proportion of jobs. Approximately three solutions percent globally. Then, in the coming 10-15 years or so, automation will increase considerably.

Now, will automation prove beneficial when it comes to efficiency or create problems due to job loss, is a matter of time? The possible solution is to upskill the employees for other roles in the company.

Again, people and automation can go hand-in-hand, if leveraged the right way. The duo is a killer combination for your business. In other words, you will have the best employees to work for your projects. And automation tools will accelerate the job and eliminate solutions daily, repetitive jobs without human intervention.


Now that you know about the challenges of your business and their possible solution, take your company to the next level in 2020.